Brad Johnson has provided many job opportunities as a result of real estate developments.

As your State Senator, by using his real estate knowledge and business relationships, he can further assist in the economical development, not only in Anderson county, but also the state.

About Brad Johnson

Brad has made a significant economic impact in Anderson County. Brad has spent over the last twenty years developing and performing real estate brokerage services in Powdersville and the Upstate of South Carolina. He has been involved in recruiting many businesses to Powdersville, even when there were more cows than people. His first development project was on HWY 153 for the former Moovies and current Little Caesar’s location. Later with partners, he brought McDonald’s/Taco Bell/Subway/El Sureno/ Bojangles/Cracker Barrel/Best Western/Dollar General/Oak View Park-Assisted Living, and most recently O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Powdersville Orthodontist to name a few. Many jobs have been created as a result of Brad’s involvement with the developments mentioned. He has also been instrumental in relocating industries such as Palmetto Engineering, Palmetto Boat Center, and TruTek Framing Systems to the Anderson area.


    Ethics Reform:

    • Ending the existing model of self-policing and replace it with an independent panel.
    • Mandate total disclosure of all income sources
    • Impose real penalties for ethics violations (Jail for those who knowingly break the law)
    • If you serve as the President Pro Tem of the Senate, Speaker of the House, or Speaker Pro Tem, you may not serve as a committee chairman.

    2nd Amendment, Pro-Life:

    • Continue to push for more CWP reciprocity agreements with states in which we do not have an agreement
    • Support Constitutional Carry, favor the Mike Pitts version of the Bill
    • Proud supporter of the pro-life movement, and will do everything within your power to promote and protect the rights of the unborn

    Taxes and Pension:

    • Start closing the antiquated tax loopholes we have in our tax code
    • Make corporate/business taxes fair so that everyone is competing on a level playing field
    • Completely revamp the personal tax system to make it more fair and flat so that everyone has some skin in the game.
    • Start looking at alternative methods to avoid another Pension crisis. Current Retirement Investment Commissioners should lose their salaries for investing employees money into extremely high risk investments which has led to a major crisis that is hurting our current state retirees as well as those currently paying into the system.